I am a professional mummy for ABDL
(Adult Baby Diaper Lovers).

 Based in Devon I am easily accessible a few more miles South of Exeter. I offer regression to adults who would like to experience being an adult baby and those who like

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I offer one of the most realistic experiences in the UK in my little adult baby playroom in Devon. People visit me from all over the UK and Northern Europe for a complete and immersive experience including messy play, diaper wearing and changing, toilet training, ‘funsize’ meal times, bottle feeding and bath times, in fact I offer to my ‘littles’ anything a mummy would do for her little ones. I play the mummy character perfectly and make the experience as real as possible.

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I offer any scenario which is safe, healthy and realistic. It really depends on your personality and age, here are some examples of things we could do, not all are suited to all ages and genders and mummy will always ask you what you want to do first…


Bath Times (My favourite) Nursery rhymes Mummy cuddles Lots of soft and baby toys Bedtime stories Bottle formula feedings changing diapers Early bedtimes Communicating through sounds and noises (you can’t talk yet!)


Making mud cakes and potions in the garden (getting filthy) Bath time Hide and seek Mummy will make you your favourite dinner Sweeties (if you are good) Changing nappies Toy trucks or Barbies Bedtime stories Cooking or baking yummy cakes with mummy


Arts and craft messy play Kids video games on the PS4 Playing with a huge amount of lego Learning to read and write School dinners Playing in the garden Homework….!



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I’m one of the best adult baby mummies in the UK, if you want to come and see me in Devon or want me to come to you please get in touch. Call me, text me on 07543699222 or use the contact form below or if you are ready to book click here:


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